Adis GRI Report 2019

This is the third report after the first report in 2016. Through this report, we present to public about concerning the environmental, social and employment performance of PT Adis Dimension Footwear from January to December 2019.
The preparation of this report is intended to present the company’s performance in the period January – December 2019 in detail about the planning, implementation, and impact caused by various efforts made on environmental aspects, employment, and society. This report is also intended to become one of the bridges in realizing social responsibility to being open and calculable for the achievement of long-term vision and mission that involves many parts.
PT. ADIS has passes a decade consistently on monitoring and management of environment, so that the result of it is get achievement in Green Proper since 2012 to get into Candidate of Gold Proper.

You can read the report here

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