PT Adis Dimension Footwear always put forward the rules and regulations in every processes. Nevertheless, we still doing innovation and continuous improvement in order to achieve our goal as Beyond Compliance company. We have achieve various achievements and rewards, both national and global, as an to our commitment to create a superior manufacturing industry. Here are some of the awards we have achieved:

Year Achievements
2005 ISO 14001:2004/SNI 19-14001:2005 Certified
2007 OHSAS 18001:2007 Certified
2008 SMK3 Gold Certified
2009 Geocycle Award
2010 Geocycle Award
2010 82th Mothers Day Commemoration Summit
2010 Banten Best Female Employment Builder Award
2010 Best Female Employment Builder Award, National Awards from Employment and Transmigration Minister
2011 Manggala Karya Bakti Husada Arutala
2011 Gold AIDS Award
2011 Green PROPER
2012 ESH Commitee Awards
2015 Zero Accident, SMK3 & HIV/AIDS Awards by Manpwoer Minister
2016 Gold P2 HIV & AIDS in Workplace

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