PT Adis Dimension Footwear Sustainability Report, hereinafter referred to “Report”, contains data and information that is material to stakeholders. In general, the contents of the Report are derived from internal analysis as well as document sources and sources can be trusted. The term “PT Adis” is used in The report emphasizes PT Adis Dimension Footwear. Readers need to understand that this Report presents information that contains data and information about views and forward-looking conditions or statements. PT Adis understands that the risks and uncertainties of Various factors can affect operational performance and future business conditions. Therefore, PT Adis remind readers that PT Adis cannot ensure data and information regarding the foresight stated in this Report is true and accurate, and can be fully fulfilled. The tables and graphs in this Report present numerical data with writing standards following the rules of the English language. Numerical exposure in text uses standard conventions English and Indonesian, according to the context.

You can read the report here
Sustainability Report GRI PT Adis 2022