Center for Occupational Training (COT)

PT. ADF has provided training for local people around company through Center for Occupational Training Program. This one month training was held at Training Center (originally Learninig Center), and guided by a team of COT. The training conducted with various methods, like presentation, discussion, theory, and practice. The aim of this training is to help the young generation to be productive and skillfull. The vision of this training programme based on the sight of the prospect of shoe manufacturing business development which could provide vast employment opportunities. It is indicated by many newly established shoe factories. This competency-based training provides the basic and complete knowledge of shoe-making techniques, started from cutting, preparation, until assembling. Each participant who completed the training will receive a national certificate. This certificate can be seen as a selling point for their job application, both in PT ADF, or in other shoe companies.
There is no obligation for students who has studied in ADF Training Center must work in PT ADF. They can use their certified competencies to work in other factories. As written before, this policy was based on the commitment to create skillfull young generation who can meets the shoe manufacturing business opportunities. But if the students apply to PT. ADF, they will be prioritized. This commitment has been applied for more than 8 years, eversince 2007 until now. The programme are fully  free of charge.