Mass Circumsision

Mass circumcision is a social activity that is routinely carried out by PT. ADF every year in June. The event was organized in conjunction with the school holidays, in collaboration with Balaraja Health Center (Puskesmas), and with official permission from the District Health Office of Tangerang. Mass circumcision ceremony was joined by uncircumsised children around the Balaraja area. The number of participants who followed this event typically reach 50 to 90 people. As a form of awareness, in every circumcision ceremony PT. ADF give gifts and benefits that are expected to treat pain after circumcision. Mass circumcision ceremony is intended to help parents who want to perform circumcision on his son but has no charge. Through this mass circumcision ceremony, PT. ADF has helped many children to fulfill one of their obligations in Islam is to perform circumcision. It is totally free of charge, because the cost of circumcision is taken from the companies CSR budget, and in cooperation with enterprise economic unit (Koperasi) of PT. ADF.