Education Partnership

In 2013, PT Adis Dimension Footwear start to join with Pramita Indonesia University (UNPRI) to give education facilitate Bachelor Degree and Magister Degree. Lecturing activities for Bachelor Degree held in Classic Room PT Adis Dimension Footwear in every Saturday starts at 08:00 am till 03:30 pm. Once lecturing in one week consist of at least 2 hours of courses or a maximum 3 hours of courses. As of every lecturing activities get different courses adjusting class schedules. This lecturing programs is free followed by all PT Adis Dimension Footwear's employees, both operator and staff. For Magister Degree, lecturing activities held in PT Asia Dwimitra Industry (sister company) by evening class schedule. Currently, there are 3 waves for Bachelor Degree with total employees who was graduate as many as 102 persons and there are 42 person still studying for. As for Magister Degree, starts on January 2015 with participant as many as 14 persons.