Mangrove and Vetiver Planting at Patia Village, Pandeglang

      We all, human, have responsibility to conserve environment and organism. Such an important thing for us to treat and handle our earth with care and kindness. As a form of concern to our ecosystem also the economy and environment continuity, PT. Adis Dimension Footwear doing a Mangrove and Vetiver Planting at Desa Patia, Pandeglang. This Program colaborated with PDUI, RCTI, DKP, & Dk Banten province, Baznaz, PT. Doulton, PT. YKK, Kodam III Siliwangi, and PLTU Lontar. There are 5000 mangrove have been planted in this program.  

       This Corporate Social Responsibility program has aimed to prevent the damage of the river cliff such as erosion and abrasion. The event held at Saturday, February 10, 2018 and opened with the handover of many package such as Circumcision, Prayer tools, Stationary, Basic needs, Mosque donation, and last with hand over of Mangrove and Vetiver plant. This event is closed with planting 5000 Mangrove and Vetiver Plant. We hope that the location of the Mangrove and Vetiver plantation in Patia Village can be a support region to filter the sea water flow to the mainland. The Mangrove and Vetiver planted area also expected to help the ecosystem, economic living, and environment for the local people.