Health and Safety (HS) Adis Goes To Campus: First Aid Class at UPH, Karawaci

        Knowledge will grow bigger if it shared. In Tuesday, February 20, 2018 our health and safety officer doing a sharing knowledge at UPH, Karawaci, Tangerang regency. This event conducted in UPH College D building room 503 at 09.00 until 14.00 pm. The sharing knowledge is about First Aid with theme “Know What to Do” about choking help, animal or insect bites, fainted, and wounds. The speaker of this event is Mr. Bahrudin Lubis, S.E., Dr. Ronald Kurniawan, Mr. Anderson M.M., Mrs. Umi Arifah Yunianingrum S.Sos., and Ms. Mutia Mardia S.Ikom. The total number of partisipant joined this program are 70 students from Tourism Business Management, UPH College.

        The main knowledge share at this event is before we do the first aid to the victim we need to prepare personal protective equipment (PPE). The equipment need to do the simulation of first aid is bidey, mitela, elastic bandage, wound dressing, bandage rolls, and other first aid. The other thing to remember in doing first aid is DRCAB (Danger, Response, Circulation, Airway, and Breathing). The students enthusiasm is so great so the event and the practice of doing first aid run smoothly, effectively, and hopefully can be useful in future.