Baleraja Library

Lybrary which located under the flyover of Balaraja is called “Taman Baca Baleraja”. But, because it’s located under the flyover which seems like a bridge, this library known by “Taman Baca Kolong Jembatan”. This library provide a book and information resource which can be used to increase knowledge and recreational facilities for local communities. Surprisingly, this library is the first library which build under the flyover.

Other than provide resource and knowledge, this library also provide space for local communities to learn music and increase their social activities. Other activities provide by the board of this library are:

  • Mobile library
  • Earth day activity
  • Anti-narcotics socialization
  • Jawara monthly magazine
  • Etc.


Other than helping provide book and other facilities such as table and chair, PT. Adis Dimension Footwear also has a role as activity controller. As activity controller, we control the library activity to stay positive and useful for the society for example we help the content in education pamphlet such as regarding HIV/ADIS.